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Stimulating Senses with Johnston’s of Elgin A/W21

In an age dominated by machines and technical progress, all the human senses continue to play a role in delivering our exquisite craftsmanship. This season, for the first time, we will take you on a journey through those senses – from the delicate touch of the craftsman and the distinctive humid smell of our dyehouse to the unique cloud-like aesthetic of our Cashmere, achieved using traditional hand finishes.

Textural details urge you to reach out and touch our whisper-soft pieces, from the cushioned comfort of our men’s Cashmere fleece to the unblemished sheen of our Cashmere Silk designs. Close consideration reveals the visible bounce of our heavier knits and the frothy nap of our best-selling Cashmere Stoles in this season’s elegant shades of Haze, Peach and Cashew.

Join us this month as we begin our journey through the senses with textural men’s and women’s lifestyle pieces designed to last for a lifetime. Follow the creation of the Cashmere and Merino Wool products which will soon become your forever favourites.

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