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July Hero product from Castle Fine Art is this hand embellished canvas -San Marroig Evening Effect In The Style of Claude Monet 1884 by John Myatt

Having previously served a prison sentence for his part in ‘the greatest art fraud of the 20th century’, John Myatt has gone on to become a hugely popular contemporary artist in his own right. Gaining attention from both national and international media and with plans for a Hollywood movie of his life in the pipeline, Myatt’s profile as an art forger turned legitimate painter continues to grow.
John Myatt’s new collection takes inspiration from the late, great, Claude Monet, widely recognised as Impressionism’s greatest exponent. Taking great influence from Monet in his choice of subject and composition, Myatt captures both the tranquility and the rugged drama of the Majorcan coastline and countryside, much like Monet’s paintings of the South of France.
This beautiful hand-embellised canvas is available at Castle Fine Art in an edition of just 9, priced at £1,750. For more information about the collection please contact the gallery on 0131 261 9181.

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