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Johnstons of Elgin – Coat of Arms Square

Introducing our heritage-inspired Coat of Arms Square, made with incredibly soft, cloud-like Cashmere and just a touch of luxurious silk. The Johnstons of Elgin crest was initially designed for London Fashion Week, incorporating the brand ‘J’, a traditional thistle and the Johnstons of Elgin bee – representing the hard-working craftspeople at our Scottish mills. Two standing Cashmere goats are also depicted – symbolising our expertise with the world’s most exceptional natural fibres. The backdrop features our unique ‘links’ design – a visual nod to the connection between our brand as it is today and our rich, 223-year history.

The Coat of Arms Square is a lightweight statement piece, edged with the words ‘Made in Scotland’ and ‘Johnstons of Elgin’. An original sketch by our Creative Director Alan Scott is transformed into a wearable masterpiece using our finest jacquard looms, which allow us to create even the most intricate patterns with feather-light yarn. Our emblematic Coat of Arms Square touches on our rich heritage while maintaining a versatile, contemporary edge.

It is available now at the Johnstons of Elgin store on Multrees Walk.

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