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Harvey Nichols – Naughty Nibbles

Naughty Nibbles savoury biscuits, available from the Foodmarket at Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh.

Our decadently cheesy Naughty Nibbles range was created exclusively for us by Van Strien, a family business from the Netherlands that have been baking for six generations. We fell in love with them because they make everything by hand, not with machines, and they use creamy butter from grass-fed cows, the finest local Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheese, and no artificial additives. They taste like they’ve been home baked with love, but without the mess and hassle, leaving you more time to enjoy them with a cold beer, glass of wine, gin and tonic or refreshing elderflower cordial. Once opened, store in an airtight container and consumer within five days. Naughty Nibbles look great served in the tray they come in, and you can even reuse the greaseproof liner on a baking day.

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