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Hero - CFA 1

Castle Fine Art

Hero product for October from Castle Fine Art is the Uplifting Display II by Stephen Simpson

Size: 30in x 30in   Subject: Still Life     £1,250.00


The contemporary artist’s floral pieces pay homage to the origins of Abstract Expressionism, presenting an almost ethereal depiction of light, colour and energy. Every seemingly careless brushstroke plays its part in the tapestry of work.

He introduces incredible luminosity to his work by setting fire to his canvases with a blow torch (don’t try this at home!). First, Stephen layers modeling paste and oil paint onto a canvas using a palette knife, brush or old rags. Then a high-gloss resin coat is applied, before the painting is blasted with a blow torch. This in turn ensures that the resin sets rapidly and the finish is crystal-clear.

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