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Strathberry SS21

For SS21, Strathberry embraces the art of ‘slowing down’ and creates an exclusive and contemporary seasonal collection that, in line with the mood of the present, is a reflection of a calm and considered approach to both fashion and life.

Capturing the feeling of placid calm after a storm, the new line conveys a profound spirit of universally felt renewal, imbued with optimism and joyous hope for the future. The natural colour palette of warm earthy tones and soft sunrise pinks brings a sense of visual gentleness, with fresh and understated hues chosen to not only complement Strathberry’s signature shapes, but also give them a luxe and chic edge. Dark night navy is beautifully juxtaposed with delicate vanilla and tan tones, giving the softer lines of the Lana Osette a nautical vibe, perfect for summer.

While stores are closed, visit the Strathberry website to shop online.

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