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These are no ordinary coffees.

They come from remote regions whose production has been threatened through climate change, social or natural disasters, and therefore these coffees are on the brink of disappearing.

Nespresso’s REVIVING ORIGINS program aims to revive these fragile, but promising regions through long-term investments and day-to-day work with farmers. Over a period of multiple years, Nespresso will provide technical & logistical support, financial resources and coffee expertise to bring back these excellent coffees and help struggling coffee farming communities sustain themselves and thrive –for the long term.

Each year, these coffees will make a comeback, so that you will savour the exquisite taste, whilst farmers will benefit from an additional source of income and an improved quality of life.

If you love the world’s rarest coffees, and want to be a part of sustaining coffee growing communities, we invite you to join Nespresso’s REVIVING ORIGINS mission.


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