Maker’s Mark announce the launch of Private Select in the UK

Maker’s Mark announce the launch of Private Select in the UK

Maker’s Mark launch their first UK single barrel programme in collaboration with Harvey Nichols

Maker’s Mark®, the definitive premium handcrafted American whisky, has announced the launch of Private Select in collaboration with the luxury department store, Harvey Nichols.

Officially launched to consumers on the 22 October, the limited run of 252 Private Select is available for £75 each across all eight Harvey Nichols stores in the UK and Dublin and online from

Private Select draws inspiration from the success of the same process used to make the now-iconic Maker’s 46 by the son of the distillery founder Bill Samuels Jr. Following a period of consultation on how the wood specifically imparts flavour to the liquid, a single fully matured barrel of Maker’s Mark is then infused with a combination of ten specially treated oak staves directly into the liquid with five unique styles to choose from, giving 1,001 different recipe combinations in a way that enhances the complex profile to create a subtly nuanced and entirely new liquid style.

The specially designed staves include Baked American Pure, Seared French Cuvee, Roasted French Mocha, Toasted French Spice and Maker’s 46 – which across a nine-week period of maturation, that is carefully monitored by the Master Distiller, imparts differing levels of spice, sweetness and vanilla notes to the finished product.

Having worked closely with the Kentucky based team of distillers, the Harvey Nichols Maker’s Mark Private Select has been designed to create a medium bodied whisky with a smooth complex finish. Featuring a pink peppercorn, toffee apple and pecan nose, the taste is a subtle blend of green apple, oak smoke spice, stoned fruit, butterscotch, vanilla, burnt toast and orange oil. As the first of its kind in the UK, the launch of this premium product builds on fantastic success for Private Select in the US, but still retains the trademark Maker’s hand-rolled our barrels, hand-cut labels and hand-dipped iconic red wax.

In addition Harvey Nichols are hosting a Maker’s Mark Masterclass to enable you to discover the exclusive new bourbon with tastings and talks.
Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd November
For details follow this link – for Harvey Nichols website events page