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Kurt Geiger Launches Newlife Charity Recycling Scheme

“We are really proud to be launching a new partnership with the charity Newlife.

This partnership will offer our customers the chance to recycle their old or unwanted shoes in our free-standing stores for a really fantastic cause.

Kurt Geiger will accept any shoes, from any brand, in any condition to donate to a great cause. Any shoes that NewLife are unable to sell will be fully recycled, with the materials going on to be used for socially responsible projects.

About New Life: Newlife were established in 1991 by Sheila Brown OBE and Leonard Lewis – who are both parents of children with disabilities. They work across the UK to directly improve the lives of disabled children & their families. They also offer companies the opportunity to reduce waste, re-use product & recycle excess or unrequired product. Newlife product life-changing specialist equipment, nurses to actively support families, and fund vital research through their work.

In 2017/2018 they…
• Collected 22,000 tonnes of items to be reused or recycled.
• Saved 10,800 tonnes of carbon – the equivalent of removing 4,500 cars from the road!
• Re-used 2.8million items of clothing & furniture.
• Saved over 2,100 tonnes of items from being disposed of.”